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A rguably the finest liveaboard operating in the South Pacific, the Nai'a has a rich history of luxury, exploration, and involvement. From the discovery of many of Fiji's (now) best known dive sites to the Search for Amelia Earhart Expedition, the Nai'a and her crew continues to embody professionalism, adventure, and luxurious service. In addition to being one of the most desirable South Pacific liveaboards from a diver's perspective, the Nai'a attracts scientists and diving celebrities the likes of Howard and Michelle Hall, Stan Waterman, Paul Humann, Ned DeLoach and Rod Klein. National Geographic, Imax and other institutions have also sought out the Nai'a for her expertise and capabilities.

So whether your goal is to explore the best of Fiji's underwater world, expand your underwater education or share an insatiable urge for adventure and discovery throughout the South Pacific, the Nai'a and her crew are your ticket to fulfilling your dream.

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riginally designed by renowned marine architect W. de Vries Lentsch, she was built in Amsterdam in 1979 and later purchased by Rob Barrel, Alexx and Todd Edwards in 1993 as a family investment (Rob and Alexx are brother and sister). They sailed her to Suva and undertook a total rebuilt so that she could begin her new life as a liveaboard dive yacht. Todd and Alexx now run the shore-side of the operation. In keeping with Rob's philosophy of setting the highest standards, Nai'a underwent an additional refit in 2000 to acquire the latest technology and yet improve her already custom dive facilities to accommodate the most discriminating divers. At 120' long with a 30'beam, space is abundant for a maximum of 18 guests are housed in 9 staterooms, all with private en suite bathrooms, fresh water showers and air conditioning. Four have queen beds, three have both a queen and a twin bunk above, and two have twin bunks. All the staterooms are larger than those on most dive vessels, with plenty of room for stowing gear, and all reflect the Fijian motif. Each room has both 110 and 220 volt power.

Trimmed out in beautiful native Fijian hardwoods and staffed with a crew of 10, the attentive attention to detail is evident throughout. All divers appreciate the generous layout of her dive deck, and there is a dedicated adjacent dry room for camera and video equipment with both 110 and 220 volt power strips and space for over 12 photographers and all of their equipment. Additional provisions for both professional and amateur photographers feature camera and video rentals, a multisystem VCR and television able to play mini-DVD in NTSC format and VHS in both NTSC and PAL formats, a projector and light box.

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Diving from the Nai'a is a dream. After getting your camera gear together, you'll get your wetsuit on, collect your mask and fins and have a meticulous dive briefing on the spacious dive deck. Your BC and regulator will already have been hooked up, filled, and loaded on to your dive skiff at the rear platform (they use two 20' rigid inflatable boats to transport divers from the ship to the dive sites) just waiting for you. With 2 skiffs the crew can shuttle divers back to the Nai'a as they surface, so no one has to bob around on the surface for half an hour waiting for the last diver to ascend. Once back to the ship, just leave your gear on the skiff and the crew will prepare everything for the next dive, leaving you free to have a nice hot deck shower with a fresh, dry towel after every dive. Then enjoy a brownie while waiting for the last divers to return.

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Nai'a now offers rebreather introduction and training on both open and closed-circuit units, as well as support for tech divers who already have their own units.

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