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Cousteau Resort

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Set against the backdrop of the stunning Savusavu Bay, the resort is the ultimate in Fijian authentic luxury. Surrounded by the lush greenery of the island and the crystalline waters off the shore, there is no better place for you and your loved one to leave the world behind and escape. Here at Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, you can spend your days together to the sound of the whispering breeze and the ocean waves, making use of our world-class spa facilities, snorkelling & diving in pristine waters, playing a casual game of tennis or heading out for a sail before returning for a sumptuous dinner under the stars. We also offer our guests the chance to engage with local culture and nature with authentic experiences in addition to our recreational activities.


Cousteau Resort

Executive Chef, Raymond Lee, procures fresh, seasonal ingredients from the local area and other regions of Fiji. He also grows many herbs, fruits, vegetables and edible flowers in their own Organic Garden on the resort's grounds. The cuisine is predominately Fijian but is also influenced by Chef Lee's Asian heritage and his international travels, resulting in an eclectic array of dishes that will become one of the many highlights of your stay. The combination of exotic culinary offerings, the extensive wine list, and the spectacular views over the water and the mountains beyond make it second to none. There are different dining areas for couples and families but, at the same time, everyone shares the same stunning views of Savusavu Bay in the daytime and the magically illuminated pool and the long pier stretching into the bay at night.

Lounge area at Cousteau Resort

In the evening the Lounge Bar becomes the place to gather. It's a time to share your day's experiences with friends, family or perhaps some new friends. A seemingly never-ending selection of cocktail creations are expertly prepared by the friendly bar staff.

The term 'Soft Coral Capital of the World' was applied to Fiji by Jean-Michel Cousteau. He has been diving for over half a century and has explored the underwater world from Alaska to Cape Horn, and from Australia to Madagascar, gaining an unparalleled insight into the sea's mysteries, and leading a global movement for its protection. Fiji is where Jean-Michel has based his dive operations.

Jean-Michel Cousteau Diving offers three high speed boats, each accommodating 12 divers. Marama Ni Wasa ('Lady of the Sea' in Fijian), Ika Tagane ('Manfish' in Fijian) and Maka Leka ('No Problem' in Fijian) can easily access world class diving. They boast the fastest ride to Namena at 45 minutes verses 2.5 hours aboard other vessels.

Diving with Cousteau
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